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Kickstart Your Future at San Antonio Startup Week.

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Startup Week (SASW)  is a week-long event that celebrates innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration in San Antonio. During this week we will showcase key speakers from different industries, 

Anyone who is interested in attending or looking to connect with other minded entrepreneurs. This will a great opportunity for growth outlets and resources. 

SASW will be held from  October 16- Oct 22, 2022 with various host locations around in the Downtown area such as Geekdom, Legacy Park, the Frost Tower, and many more to be announced.


For this year, we will be focusing on two major themes for SASW, highlighting Kickstart the Future and Community Connect Us All.


What does it mean to quick start the future?


By Kickstarting the future we are redefining what it means to be a founder and explore the potential of the unknown. The past few years erased many of our preconceived notions about innovation and productivity. In our present moment, we continue to face mounting challenges at an accelerated pace. With our future hanging in the balance, we need bold ideas to chart a new course. Most importantly, these solutions start with the people behind the great ideas. 


 Join us as we outline a blueprint for a more sustainable future. Get inspired to become the agent of change and the founder you want to be.

Our community equals our connection.

Community Connects Us All, our City is powered by the connections between neighbors, families, and friends. San Antonio Startup Week celebrates this and highlights the skills, stories, and strengths we share in our experiences. 


Community Connects Us All


 The concept of community is more important than ever. It’s a word that has been used for centuries, but it’s also a feeling that can be felt when you walk down the street in San Antonio.

The community is a large part of what makes San Antonio special. We are connected through our culture, experiences, and hardships. Let’s embrace the diversity among us and work towards a united future.

With the growth of our city, it is time to take action to reimagine our city’s growth. We are calling creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, residents, and all of San Antonio to revise the city as we know it as a more vibrant complex foundation.

If you would like to attend, General registration is now available. Visit, https://emamo.com/event/san-antonio-startup-week-2022/tickets, to register today.

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