Five Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at SASW 2021

Five Sessions You Don't Want to Miss at SASW 2021 - 2022

Session fatigue is defined as “there are too many sessions at San Antonio Startup Week, how do I choose?” Good news! We’re here to help…well, Amy is here to help. She picked her top five that she thinks you can’t miss at this year’s conference. Five Must-Attend Sessions at SASW 2021: “Data Doesn’t Lie: the […]

San Antonio Startup Week 2020: In Review

San Antonio Startup Week 2020: In Review - 2022

2020 was a year with many firsts. We saw a number of losses in the closing of businesses, layoffs and loved ones. We also saw a lot of openings, creations and new solutions to unknown problems. This year, we hosted our first virtual conference, our first conference that was a month-long, with some first-time tracks. […]

How to Navigate the Whova App

whova app

If you’re looking for the schedule, ways to connect with other attendees and opportunities to participate during the conference, you’ll want to know how to navigate the Whova app. You can find the schedule on the website too, but there are other benefits to downloading/signing up on the app! Last year, we used Whova as […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend San Antonio Startup Month

attendee pointing san antonio startup week

While discussing what our new website should/could look like, we were also discussing a lot about what the conference this year should/could look like. It was tough. Should it be in-person? COULD it be in-person? Is it inside? Outside? Hybrid? Completely virtual? We went back and forth, up and down (just like the number of […]

SASW Track Captain 101

SASW Track Captain 101 - 2022

There’s a whole section on the website for Tracks and Track Captains, but who are they and what do they do?  Track Captains A track captain is an important piece of the SASW puzzle because, without you, we wouldn’t have a conference. You don’t have to publicly speak (if you don’t want to), but we […]