New Website, New Conference

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It’s been a long time coming. When we were looking at other startup week websites, we were looking for functionality, purpose and visuals to adopt for our own website. 

We wanted a blog/article section so we can share stories and helpful information for our track captain leaders, speakers, and attendees. We wanted simple, easy ways to communicate how you can help at startup week. We wanted a place to house our videos we worked so hard to record last year (thank you, YouTube). 

Bring in herospace, a small team, based in San Antonio. They helped realize our website dreams and brought it to life. We hope you like the website as much as we do. It’s going to be an important part of our conference this year and for years to come. 


Now, what’s all this about San Antonio Startup MONTH? 


Everyone has seen the announcements of Oktoberfest getting cancelled, Fiesta getting cancelled, among many other conferences and large gatherings…would startup week be next? 

Although we may not be able to have the kick off party on Houston Street, or be back at Basecamp for a refuel and recharge, we wanted to bring the content and hold the standards for programming even higher. The plans for this year’s conference are a full month because we hope this avoids Zoom fatigue, and believe that with a full month of resources, there will be something for everyone — whether you’re in San Antonio or Houston or El Paso or even outside of Texas. 

We also discussed a theme. It wasn’t easy when we had these discussions earlier in the summer because every day was changing (literally), but as we thought about the horizon, we refused to subscribe to the notion that everything is lost. Not to ignore the very clear facts and potential of loss, but to also recognize and acknowledge that we will get to the other side of this, together. 

We hope you join us for one day, three days or all of them! Stay connected to all of our updates by checking back on this website, follow us on Instagram, and downloading the WHOVA app (search for “San Antonio Startup Week 2020” and passcode: sanantonio).

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Follow these simple steps to install the app: 

  1. Download the WHOVA app below.
  2. Follow the steps to create an account.
  3. Search for “San Antonio Startup Week”
  4. Enter passcode: sanantonio
  5. Connect with attendees and speakers.