SASW 2022: The Fit – Health Experience

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Stay fit and ready at San Antonio Startup Week with the Health Experience!

A healthy body, spirit, and mind are some of the greatest tools a founder needs throughout their entrepreneurial journey. To kick off SASW, the Health Experience is the place to be on Sunday, Oct. 16, in Legacy Park from 9 am to 12 pm.

To experience the true importance of health & fitness and its connections to great entrepreneurship & career success, attend a panel discussion on The Importance of the Mind + Body Connection to Entrepreneurial Success with local executive leader Rahul Patel and certified mindfulness coach Julia Bates. 

Their panel discussion will be followed by a group workout powered by one of the nation’s fastest-growing health & fitness boutique fitness companies, F45. Experience endurance, resistance, and a fun workout led by F45’s 2022 Global Trainer of the Year, Chasity Morales.

Attendees can also expect to be in a state of Zen with guided meditation and family yoga led by the founder of BeCause Yoga, Lesley Ramsey. Tai Chi and Qi Gong will be led by Theresa Cane. Experience Muay Thai with Jason Echols. Guillermo Melendez from the Weston fitness Center and Xtend Fitness will teach Zumba.

“I love SA Startup Week! There are so many resources for people to access, and this is where you will find what you are looking for. But one of the things that often gets overlooked in the startup life is overall health and mental wellness. If you don’t have a good plan to execute around that, startup life is hard,” stated one of the Health Experience chairs, Julia Bates. 


SASW 2022: The Fit - Health Experience - 2023


The health expedition allows attendees to discover the power of plant-based nutrition and a healthy lifestyle while interacting with other like-minded individuals in the San Antonio community.

“As I was starting my own business, I got wrapped up in the day-to-day and lost sight of what truly is the most important part of sustainable success – health. It wasn’t until I found F45 and fell in love. The problem was San Antonio did not have an F45, and I decided to take that challenge upon myself and brought that concept to San Antonio. I’m proud to say it has helped me lose over 50 pounds, feel better about myself, and most importantly, I have never been more productive at work. At 42, I have more energy, enthusiasm and passion than I ever have before, and I owe it to having a healthy lifestyle and a true community that supports me day in and day out,” said Rahul Patel. 

This is an event endorsed by the San Antonio Mayor’s Fitness Council.  

Parking is free and available during the health expedition in the City Tower Parking, 60 N Flores St, 78205.  

San Antonio Startup Week is a free week of panel discussions, workshops and keynote addresses for entrepreneurs of all kinds in downtown San Antonio.

Get involved!

  • Register – Registration is open at https://sasw.co/. Though SA Startup Week is free, registration is required. The schedule is being updated as speakers, panels, and events are confirmed.



  • Volunteer – SA Startup Week volunteers are needed to help staff all aspects of the event and will receive cool swag and goodies for sharing their time and talents. https://sasw.co/get-involved/


  • Sponsor – SA Startup Week sponsors have the opportunity to expose their brands to thousands of individuals leading up to and throughout SA Startup Week. Multiple sponsorship levels are available, or SASW will customize a sponsor experience to suit the client. Visit https://sasw.co/our-sponsors/ or contact sastartupweek@gmail.com.

SASW 2022: The Fit - Health Experience - 2023

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