Topics include: New products, new markets, new ideas, new business models, investment, new approaches to funding, new strategies for inclusiveness, and new entrepreneurial hotspots.


Topics include: AI/ML, blockchain, cryptocurrency, security and privacy, XR, social media platforms, enterprise solutions, hardware, software, chip manufacturing, wearables, robots, IOT, edge computing, data ethics, voice technology innovation, gaming, esports, and accessibility.


Topics include: Keynote speakers, headline events, partnerships.

Civic Engagement

Topics include: Smart cities, income inequality, election integrity, law enforcement, education, governmental ethics, municipal services, subsidies, and programs that promote DEI. *DEI – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


Topics include: Food, sports, wellness, fashion, art, retail, literature, museums, theatre, veteran and relationships.


Topics include: Biotechnology, equity, patient rights, the shareability of data, telemedicine, mental health, CBD and psychedelics, and tech-driven innovations


Topics include: Brand building, content marketing, creator economy, e-commerce, content creation, media buying, future ad tech, metaverse, web 3.0, lead generation, copywriting, design & optimization

Brand Experience

Topics include: crawls, rallies, comedy shows, disruptors panels, creative parties, music exhibitions, fashion shows, basecamp forums, workshops, and interactive exhibitions